Monday, August 15, 2011

Humble Weakness

Over the summer, we started going back through the SuperUltra staff devotional. This week, we are on "Consistency of Spiritual Life."
It seems like the perfect "culture point" to be reading over especially as summer 2011 has officially ended, we're all home, and we're all attempting to continue to follow Christ in everything we do, away from the safety of the docks and waters of the Delta and Shasta.
The verse for today was 2 Corinthians 12:7-10, which discusses God's strength in our weakness. These verses rocked my life this summer, so it's funny that they came up on the Monday following the summer...
One of the drivers last summer reminded me that if God is strong in our weakness, then why should we ever strive to be strong? I share this insight with so many because it is so true! If God gets the glory, the honor, and the strength IN OUR WEAKNESSES, then what's the point in being strong? Let's be weak. Weak for Christ. Let's not try to find strength in order to show others how capable we are of enduring hardships and trials. Rather, let's be weak in those moments. But, be humbly weak. Something we strive to do throughout the summer, humble weakness. We don't show our tiredness, our fatigue, how routine pulling runs has become, etc. Instead, we act consistently. And that consistency is humility. And within that humility is weakness.
As we go about our day, our weeks, months, years, and lives, let's continue to be humble in our weaknesses so that God can be glorified, so that we're not bringing unnecessary attention to ourselves. It may look different away from Sonshine, but we are still called to glory, honor, love, follow, and pursue Christ. And in order to do all of that, we must be willing to be weak.

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