Wednesday, June 1, 2011

i have really enjoyed the devos this week so far, especially mondays. 2 corinthians 12:7-10 is definitely one of my favorite passages in scripture, and god used it to teach me so much last summer. he showed he that during my parents divorce, i tried to be strong - for myself, for my brother, and to try and convince my parents and myself that what they were doing was not affecting or hurting me. i don't like to show weakness. but nothing that i can do will make me good enough or worthy of what god has to give me. i am only good enough because the lord loves me and he gives grace. i can do nothing without him, and my strength needs to come from HIM alone, not me. we need god. i need god. i need daily time with him, because he is the giver of life. i cant even effectively serve him on my own. even though this is still a struggle for me at times, i thank god that by his grace alone i can see and admit to it. dying to self gives us life as well as meaning and peace from the lord.

man, last wednesdays was so good. jesus asks us if we want to get well. we are spiritually crippled and cant be healed without him. we can seriously do nothing without him. its by his grace and mercy that we can even recognize that we need healing and accept it.
discipline is about freedom in him, and living our lives for him and him alone. this is so hard for me to put into practice sometimes, especially when dealing with school, like allie was saying. i am not going to school for me/its not about me, its for god. to prepare for what god has called me to do and further the kingdom throughout the journey. god has placed us all in different and specific mission fields. i need to remember that every day i need to live for jesus and take advantage of that. to totally sell out to him and be a servant ready for battle.
in luke 2, jesus shows how in love with the father he is. how his eyes are totally fixed on him. i pray that we may follow this example.

this past weekend was awesome and i am stoked for summer!

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