Friday, June 3, 2011

Nothing but the Truth

It is amazing how God always finds the perfect moment. As we have been going through this devotional, it always seems like God has placed the perfect selection on the day when I need to hear it. Something that I struggle with is admitting to myself when I need help. I think as individuals we tend to not want to say that we need help. We like to think that we are strong and that we can do it on our own. The truth is, we can't. We are weak and we need to admit it. This kind of ties into what we were talking about earlier with being strong in the Lord when we are weak. We all have this facade of being a strong individual that doesn't need help. Like the devotional said, we try to be the vine and not the branch. The vine is the support system of the plant! The vine is where the strength comes from. I could go on with some plant biology references explaining literally why the vine is the support system but I'll spare you. As branches we try to be the vine and have the vine grow from us. How weird would that be? It wouldn't make sense to see a single branch with a bunch of vines growing from it... Its the other way around. There is one true vine -- Jesus! We need to admit to ourselves and to others that we are weak and broken and that the only way to be healed is through a relationship with the father. We need to stop kidding ourselves and realize that we are nothing without him. A branch would not exist without the vine. The life of a branch would not be possible without a vine just as life for us is not full or complete without the love and a relationship with Jesus Christ. We may try but it isn't going to get us anywhere. No fruit would be produced and result in death. It makes perfect sense. But why do we struggle? We struggle because we are always taught that you can only depend on yourself. We need to break free of this myth and learn the truth. God is the only one we need to depend on. He is the vine and we are branches. Life is only complete through the Father. Surrender, admit that you are weak and broken and find life in Christ.

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