Thursday, June 2, 2011

R-J-W lap totals!!!

Hey Drivers and Trainees! Here is the final count for laps run at the Run-Walk-Jog-a-Thon! You guys were amazing! Each lap run has provided the ablility for campers to come to camp! Thanks for all your effort and support for campers! Remember to keep asking people you know and others you come in contact with about the camp and what you are doing this summer! We are almost at our goal! You never know the impact you will have on campers, simply by asking for others to support them.

Aaron Cardinio35
Allie Sherrod21
Alyssa Barlow25
Alyssa Holloway18
Amanda Potts20
Anneliese Dion-Kindem16
Cody Schulze29
Connor Drake23
Elizabeth Sherwood15
Emily Ferree22
James Hansen21
Jamie Sickler21
Jenna Gailey32
Jennifer Harnet19
Jordan Costa22
Joseph Lee18
Josh Vance30
Josiah Auer26
Kaitlyn Bonne13
Karly Nelson15
Kate Stipa21
Katie Jameson16
Katy Conlin15
Kevin Straw17
Kira Thornley16
Kristen Anema16
Lauren Stack16
Lauren Whitney14
Lexi Prior20
Michael Obrien23
Sarah Josephson16
Tony Dunn22
Tyler Moore29

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