Thursday, May 5, 2011

Changed Heart

A friend of mine, Rae told me last night that “I’m feeling really close to God right now :-) very spiritual and at peace. I might go to church with Sarah and her family when I'm living with them.” These words may seem small but for my friends this is a huge break through. Growing up her father was the type of atheist who read the Bible to prove Christians wrong; he had turned away from the church when Rae was a young child and hated everything about religion and God. I have been working, leading by example and praying for her since we were in Jr. High. I brought her to youth group events but a relationship with God was not something she sought or really needed in her view point. I have been really concerned with that for the last year or so as I have been watching her spiral down with a friend she chose. This friend has kind of bailed on her in the last month and Rae has had to find a new place to live within the month. She is moving in with a believing family and wants to at least try going to church with them. I am just so amazed by God’s power and timing. I was trying to figure out what my role in ministry was to be this summer and He is revealing that. He is also amazing me at the fact that I had always thought I was going to bring her to Christ but in reality it was when I was removed from the situation He could actually work. This just once again reminds me that we don’t need to be used but we get to be used by the Grace of God. This is a really random thing but I was just so overtaken with joy, grace and love that I could not help but share this. He is working and moving in those around us even if we don’t see it right away. The things we say, show and convey to kids are the seeds that others water and nurture.

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