Monday, May 23, 2011

The fullness of the creator

Today's devotional writing on the culture point might be my favorite out of all of them. To focus on the fullness of the creator means we turn our eyes on him and him alone. In that action we perceive our own emptiness. Our eyes are still on the fullness of our creator. What a gift from the creator to perceive our own emptiness. I know that sounds weird but without that gift we would not know him. Without knowing how empty we really are we would have no need for a savior. When we focus on his fullness the great gift of our emptiness is perceived to the glory of god! That is why we can't earn his fragrance, that also is a gift!! Oh how marvelous this god that has created us is!! I spent the last week in Boston and was blown away with how many people there are in the world. "how does He do it?" I kept asking Kelly my wife, "how does He know and care for and desire such intimacy with all these people?". It blew me away how full he is! Praise god that his fullness is so much larger than all of our emptiness

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