Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Faith = Eternal Rest!

I'm going to take us back to last week's study because I really want to share what was on my heart.

Absolute commitment=freedom!

In my relationship with God, He demands everything. As the study continued last week each day I just kept asking myself if I was giving Jesus my everything. Was I? Of course not. Me being the control freak that I am, I kept thinking of the usual things that I feel God tugging on my heart and tell me to give it to Him to handle. God say, "you don't have to do this by yourself. Let me take it from you." But then I heard God say he wants more that just the things I clamp my greedy little hands on tightly, he wants the secret. He wants the dirty laundry that only He knows about. He celebrates in the small wins I experience in my life but man oh man how much He rejoices in me exposing my weaknesses.

Jesus demands all of me so that I can experience the full tilt commitment. That life that this world of brokenness can't even fathom. Christ demands everything. All of it. And so much of what I share is the good things, or what I call good. My good grades, or a small favor I do for a stranger. But He wants those things I hide in the back upstairs closet, tucked away so that I can't even remember. He wants those.

And in that process of having faith in Jesus to expose those horrific things in my closet to then be loyal and committed to God, then we experience rest. But not rest like anything this world knows. Not a long nap in the sun on the shore of a Caribbean beach (isn't that this worlds ultimate ideal of relaxation and rest?) But eternal rest. A state of each and every person's heart that only they know. Something so far beyond anything we could every imagine.

I need the faith to expose my myself and commit to God.
I need to commit to God to experience eternal rest.

Faith = Commitment = Eternal Rest!

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  1. Great thoughts, lady! Praying for you to find the courage to expose whatever needs exposing... Love you!