Friday, May 27, 2011

In discipline there is freedom.......

A great motto that I learned in my years at Sonshine and now pass on to countless students in my classroom. Although I know in my head that this is a true statement there are times in my life when I want to skip the discipline and get to the freedom, we all know how that ends up....not well. The juxtaposition of that statement throws people but it logically makes so much sense. Like so many things in our faith, "when we lose our life we gain life", "in death their is life". It is interesting that there is this need to flee discipline and turn to run away when in actuality it is what we need and what will sustain us. I then turn to the idea of fight or flight and how in the midst of discipline we can choose to go one of two ways, fight or flight and I hope each time I decide to fight through the discipline and work through it as I grow closer to Christ and closer to freedom in Christ.

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