Friday, May 13, 2011

Receive Your Title

Last week on Tuesday we were challenged to accept Christ's deposit and I would like to share a vision God gave me a few months ago: picture a man who works for a big corporation. the man has been working there most his life, but he has the lowest position. he works down in the basement in the copy room. he was told one day that he was declared president of the corporation and was given a new office on the top floor. he didn't go because he believed he was only worthy of the basement. one day the owner of the entire corporation came downstairs and said "what are you doing down here? I set up an office for you and your new title is written on a desk plaque with your name on it. why won't you receive the title I've chosen to give to you?" we are the man in the copy room. Jesus chose us to be on the top floor with him and he has given us a new title. He asks us "will you receive the title?" the office is already yours and the title has already been given, but it's up to us to walk upstairs and receive it. This brings me to Wednesday of this week. we try so hard to master good and to be good enough to receive the title of "good enough." the truth is when we try so hard to master good, we are essentially pushing God away. God told me last week that when I am consumed with figuring it all out (as society tells me it is my duty) I miss being in the presence of God. So whether I'm determined I only deserve the mail room or if I'm consumed with processing life on my own I'm missing out on an intimate and fantastically vulnerable relationship with the creator who chose me. I want God to be my strength so therefore I pray that God teaches me how to walk into the office and receive the title. Also I pray I learn to not process and figure it all out by myself but instead, to walk intimately with him and do life with my bridegroom.

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