Friday, May 13, 2011

Without Hesitation

One of my best friends, a few weeks ago, reminded me of a story one of our youth leaders told us in high school; and it correlates perfectly to the passage in Luke from today's meditation. (My friend is actually going to be a Barney this summer, so she thought of it when she went through this topic in the devo, and I wanted to share it with you too.)

Here's the scene set up: In the corner of your room, there's this red phone. One only used in case of emergency, it's a direct line to someone important. In your case, it's linked directly to God. He's the only person who has your number. One day, you're in your room, minding your own business, doing homework, hanging out and the phone rings. Since you know it has to be God, you go pick it up (I mean, I hope you'd pick it up!). He says to you "Today, drop everything. Take nothing. Tell no one. Go get on the 1 o'clock bus to no where." "But God, why? Today? Can I at least tell my parents? What about finals? What about...??" "Katy, just go." 

What would you do? Would you go? Would you abandon everything and everyone you know to follow the call? You might think...oh, God's taking me somewhere, I'm going to need my bible...nope, he said to take NOTHING. You aren't even supposed to tell your parents, your roommates, your best friends. He said to go, are we willing? If our strength is truly found in him, there should be no hesitation. 

This week, we haven't just been reading about how we can stand strong and firm on our foundation or how to build that foundation, but we've read about pursuing Jesus with strength. When we answer that phone call, I hope that we can go without hesitation and pursue Christ with the strength and firmness he has given us.

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