Monday, May 2, 2011

Shield of Faith

This past week one of the bible studies that I am blessed to be a part of was going through Ephesians 6. It was a really good chapter to go through while thinking about this summer. The armor of God is so important in this spiritual battle that we are fighting. Even though all of the pieces of armor are important we spent a while talking about the shield of faith and how without our shield we won't be protected from Satan's fiery darts. As I have heard about this over and over again I never really thought about the fiery darts that are in my life and there were/ are a lot of ways that Satan is attacking my insecurities. It is really great that i have a God that can protect me from these darts by having faith in him and acting on that faith. I know that if I did not have the faith that I have there would be a lot more ways that Satan could attack me but he can't.

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  1. Without the shield of faith, we won't be protected from satan's fiery darts.... i've heard this so many times but it has never stuck me so clearly as now. my mentor told me 2 days ago that faith is believing what God has told you no matter how you feel. sometimes i feel like the darts are being thrown, but if i choose to believe in what i know then i am shielded. (: yay God!!