Thursday, May 5, 2011

Finals Week Madness

Finals week has begun for me! here down in miami. which is great and not so much at the same time. looking at the weekly schedule i have i find that studying is thing thats really filling up all my time. sometimes so much so that it creeps into my quiet times or just trumps my time with God completely. But i just remind myself that He is there so there is no need to burden myself. trusting in God always reassures me that everything will turn out fine and the grades will be grades. my friend sent me a 40 minute youtube clip of loui giglio at one of the passion conferences talking about the science behind the world, stars, and galaxy and it was so cool because you can see that God made everything with a purpose. it also reassured me because we are so small but so important to Him as well. its long but worth it!

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