Friday, May 27, 2011

Having to Explain

Now that I am on summer break, many of my days have been getting together with friends and catching up on life. A lot of my friends want to hear about my time serving on Shasta and what looks like for me. I was telling my best friend the other day about the devotionals and how great they have been. She asked me if I take solo times every day. I told her yes and she then proceeded to ask why. She asked if I took solo times with God because it was something that was required of me. Her questions caught me off guard. This is a friend who has grown up in a Christian home. She and I have grown up in our church together. To be completely honest, she was the last person I thought I would have to explain this to. But that brings me to my other thought, why should I have to explain myself? I thought it would be obvious. I make sure to have my daily time with God because I know what it means. It means freedom, it means love, it means to be challenged. I know what impact having time with God has on my day. If you could have such a profound time with God, then why wouldn't you take that time? It felt odd explaining this to my friend but I know that it was probably something she needed to hear. By encouraging her to take that time, there are doors opened to her.

There isn't someone official regulating our daily time with God, it is up to us to be disciplined and make sure that we get that time. When my friend asked if it was required, I said no in the traditional meaning of the word. But I should have said meaning it is what is required of me in my walk with God.

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