Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Made to Last

This spring, I've been all about picking flowers to put in a vase on our kitchen table. I love how they brighten up the room. Every time I go walking, I feel like I can't possibly just pass by such beautiful flowers without bringing them to share with my roommates.

And yet... picking flowers is also so depressing! We love it, and we rejoice in this little taste of creation, but we know they're going to die - fast.

So why do we do it anyway? Our culture has become a disposable society. Nothing is meant to last or even to be repaired. We're content to let something die and then seek out a suitable replacement when the time comes. At the bike shop were I work, we get SO MANY bikes that were not meant to be repaired. Cheap bikes just get run into the ground, and manufacturers don't make considerations for replacement parts or durability of the parts that come with the bike. There's no consideration for the value of the bike itself, only for the function it can serve. When it no longer serves that function - it's meant to just be replaced.

But God is not content to just let us die! He wants to repair us, restore us. He has created us and were meant to last, not bodily but spiritually. "Through His root, dead flowers become sustained."

All flesh is grass, here today, gone tomorrow
But the Word of the LORD endures forever.


  1. I hear that old U2 song in my head, "Here today, gone tomorrow. Crack the bone get to the marrow." I think that lyric not only ties in with your post but certainly helps me visualize Thursday's challenge to build by "digging to get to the rock."