Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Marching to the beat of a different drummer

I loved Tuesday's reading because it took me back to my marching band days. I mean, I know it's nerdy, but apparently it's also a great metaphor for letting God take center stage in our lives.

"Music enchants teh deep places of the soul because music reveals to the soul that unseen forces have power to inspire, shake, and rattle our core. Music drives the soul. God drives the music. Surrendering to music is a mild analogy to the life, joy, and vibrant freedom of allowing the enchanting and mysterious movement of God into the secret places of your soul. [...] A clear conscience is a moment of joyful surrender to the lively rhythms inspired by the leader of the band."

This instantly took me back to the awesome feeling of marching in sync with 150 other people. It was such a cool feeling to work in harmony so well with people outside myself. If my fellow Christians are the band, then God is the drum major. He sets our tempo, drives the rhythm that moves us.

But if we just get lost in the music around us, everything falls apart. The thing is, if I only listen, there's a huge time delay between my sound and the sound coming from some one marching twenty or even forty yards away. The music itself - on an individual level - can be really misleading. We have to keep our eyes fixed on Him or we'll get lost. If everyone individually keeps their eyes fixed on the drum major, then the overall sound is a glorious thing. We can lean on each other for cues from time to time, but the ultimate rock is in the field conductor.

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