Monday, May 9, 2011

Resting in the arms of the almighty

God is so good and full of LIFE in a way that we cannot understand. When He fills our hearts with His presence, our souls are totally impacted and overflowing with His presence. I really like the analogy of sowing and reaping, and anyone that has done gardening or farming knows well that it takes a lot of work without seeing any signs of life. So much of what is done has no obvious impact. Thats when we realize it is only God that can cause the growth. The faithful reading and praying and studying and working is allowing God to grow that LIFE in us. There have been a lot of things I have been working on with moving out and graduation that seem so fruitless. But I can trust that God can use those things to build character and fill those things with life that only He can bring. So many times loyalty seems great when you are winning, but when life just seems normal and average, it is harder to put your hand to the plow and to be faithful to the cause of the Kingdom.

Lord you have my heart, and I will search for yours. Jesus take my life, and lead me on.

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