Friday, May 20, 2011

Open Up Your Ears

As I was reflecting on this week of sensitivity, I realized that I need to add/change my definition. I realized that sensitivity in itself is something that depends on others and goes way beyond the self. Being my nerdy self, I looked up the actual definition of sensitivity. Every single definition that I found related being sensitive to an external/outside source. It is not about us when it comes to sensitivity. It is about those around us and what is going on with our surroundings. Being sensitive is being aware of the thoughts and feelings of those we are with. Being sensitive is about listening and keeping an open mind. My roommate this year had a piece of scripture and a reminder about what the scripture meant pinned to the backboard of her desk. I remember thinking about it every time I saw it. It said that she should be slow to speak but quick to listen to others. One of the things that I admired about my roommate was how devoted and caring she was for her friends. Often times I would walk into my room and find her sitting with a friend having a deep conversation. I was generally asked to leave the room so they could have time alone which I was happy to give. The interesting thing is, each time this happened, it was always with a different person and it was never my roommate who was talking. My roommate was always listening. I think listening is something that we have a tendency to overlook. I don't think we realize just how important listening can be. I don't know about the rest of you, but I know that I need to listen more. I am not just talking about with my friends or my family. I need to listen more to God. So much of my relationship with Christ is too much of me talking and not enough of my listening and hearing what He wants me to hear. Not to say that I don't listen to God, I just think I need to listen more. Listening is such a huge part of sensitivity. When we are on the water this summer, it is critical that we listen. Whether it is listening to a camper share their story, a youth leader give the message, listening to fellow staff or dockhands, or listening to Christ we need to listen. I know I am probably stating the obvious, but its true. Listening is key.

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