Sunday, May 8, 2011


So I was procrastinating on facebook the other night and came across a note that someone had posted. It was one of those things where you answer certain questions about some of your friends. I was tagged in a note posted by an acquaintance from high school. One of the question they were supposed to answer about me was if I believed in God. Their response... "Uh, I think so..." What?! Okay, granted they were only an acquaintance but I want my passion for Christ and my love for Christ to be obvious. If you were to ask my friends what am I passionate about, while I would love for their first response to be Christ, they would probably say animals -- hence the reason I am pre-vet. However, while I am legitimately passionate about animals, I am even more passionate about Christ. I want my passion to be so obvious that when asked, that would be my friends first response. The fact that I am living my life for Christ should be obvious in the way that I live my life. My passion for animals is clear in what I am studying... Shouldn't my passion for Christ be just as obvious?

I want my passion to shine. Just as we've discussed before, I want my passion to smell! Having a smell is a good thing! I am currently taking a psychology class -- we recently discussed the psychology of attraction. One of the things that my professor talked about what the fact that humans tend to choose partners through their smell. We tend to be attracted to others that have good smells. If I am vulnerable and open and obvious with my faith and my passion, then I will smell and attract others to the love of Christ. If I make my passion obvious, then others too will hopefully be drawn to the love of Christ. I want my passion for Christ to be obvious. I want my friends first response to be that my passion is Christ -- my passion for animals should come second to my passion for Christ. I challenge myself and you to make your passion for Christ obvious!

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